Interest Rate Bonds and Swaps

We provide a customised service for each of our clients depending on their individual portfolio and risk requirements.

With an emphasis on Macro and Relative Value strategies, our trade advisory business strives to generate original trade ideas, as well as creating tailor made solutions for our portfolio of clients. The team focuses on each step of the investment process, from idea generation and execution, to trade & post-trade settlements.


Broadly speaking, our advisory service can be broken down into three constitutive parts:

(I) Idea Generation See Trade Examples

Our core service is to provide unique trade ideas, structured by our team, optimised, and sent to clients according to suitability. We spend most of our time here just hunting for good trade ideas. That is really what we are about. Using our knowledge of the market, we search for opportunities and then rigorously assess them internally. We discuss and critique the ideas until something really stands out. Any trade is then optimised for best entry, best roll and carry, and best liquidity.

(II) Execution

We can poll for prices from 25 leading investment banks (and that list is growing). We work with the client to find the best price amongst their existing counterparty list. In many cases we will have a good idea where the liquidity and axed prices can be found.

(III) Trade & Post Settlement

As appropriate we can help our clients with trade confirmation, as well as unwind pricing and deal novation, as appropriate.
We can provide live mark to market levels as a check (if required) for any trade done with a counter party (not for valuation purposes).

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